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Have my vessel become an AUV
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The OSVDPA will accept the Sea Time and Practical Experience accrued by DPOs and Prospective DPOs, and Phase 4 and Revalidation Assessments conducted on, a DP-equipped vessel lacking a DP Class notation from a recognized classification society. To gain such acceptance, the vessel operator must submit the vessel to an audit of its DP system, its capabilities, and associated documentation.

The audit must be conducted by an OSVDPA-approved Auditor. In order to have a vessel listed as an AUV, Vessel Operators must submit a completed copy of Form AUV-1-CV, the AUV Audit Application (Current Version) and pay the associated fees as listed in OSVDPA FS-1-CV, the OSVDPA Fee Schedule (Current Version).

The purpose of the audit is to determine if the vessel's DP system and method of operation have similar capabilities to that of a vessel with a DP Class notation. Once a vessel has passed the audit, it will be added to the OSVDPA's Vessel Database. After the vessel is listed  as an AUV, DPOs and Prospective DPOs will be allowed to use the vessel for all Training and Certification Activities which will be counted as time equivalent to a DP-1 vessel.

In order for a vessel to remain enrolled in the OSVDPA Vessel Database as an AUV, the vessel operator must submit the vessel's annual trial results every year, re-validate the vessel's AUV audit every (5) years, and subject the vessel to a new AUV audit after every significant retrofit.

More detailed information on AUV audits can be found in OSVDPA MPP-1-CV, the OSVDPA Manual of Policies and Procedures (Current Version).