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OSVDPA Leadership
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The OSVDPA's leadership is composed of two groups, the Board of Directors and the Technical Advisory Council (TAC). Each group is populated by individuals with extensive knowledge of dynamic positioning. 

Board of Directors:

The OSVDPA is led by its Board of Directors which is composed of 12 Directors representing the vessel operator community, DP training centers, and DP manufacturers. Each Director serves a term of two (2) years on the Board, with elections for Board Members occurring during the OSVDPA's Annual Meeting in December. Beyond the Annual Meeting, the Board meets quarterly unless a special meeting is required. Those interested in becoming a Director should contact the OSVDPA. 

2019 OSVDPA Board of Directors:

Carl Annessa, Chairman

Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc.

Ben Todd, Vice Chairman

Beier Radio, LLC

John Fontenot, Secretary/Treasurer

Odyssea Marine, Inc.

Tommy Brown

Aries Marine Corporation

Otto Candies, III

Otto Candies, LLC

Stuart Faucheux

Adriatic Marine, LLC

Zachary Clark

Kongsberg Maritime, Inc.

Mark Handin

Tidewater Marine, Inc.

Steve Marcrum

Candy Fleet, LLC

Jan Mikalsen

Marine Technologies, LLC

Willard Robison


Rob Vosbein, Jr.

Harvey Gulf International Marine, LLC

Technical Advisory Council:

The Technical Advisory Council (TAC) is charged with making recommendations to the Board of Directors on all matters dealing with the crafting, implementation, and execution of the OSVDPA's certification program. TAC members are selected by the Board of Directors and serve continuous terms. The TAC also has observer members who are provided access to the meetings, communications, and deliberations of the TAC in order for the OSVDPA to obtain advice from other industries or organizations interested in the certification of DPOs.

In addition to the Board-appointed members mentioned above, two seats are also reserved for individual members who act as a representative of the OSVDPA's DPO membership community. The members are elected by the membership as a whole, and this gives the DPOs a "seat at the table" and offers insight to the industry and current trends we might not be able to receive if it were not for our members.

2019 Technical Advisory Council (TAC) Membership:

Corby Autin

 Harvey Gulf International Marine, LLC

David Johnson 

GE Power Conversion

Kirk Raymond

Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc.

Andy Goldsmith (Observer)


Barrett Grabert

Adriatic Marine, LLC

Kerry Gregory

Edison Chouest Offshore

Austin Howell

Tidewater Marine, LLC

David Hollier (Observer)

MTS DP Committee

Ronnie Saladino

Marine Technologies, LLC

Chris Landry

Barry Graham Oil Service, LLC

Denise A. Jones

Resolve Maritime Academy

Shannon Melancon

L&M Botruc Rental, Inc.

Carl Moore

Fletcher Technical Community College

Zachary Clark

Kongsberg Maritime, Inc.

George Raab

Beier Integrated Systems

Capt. Steve Mason

DPO (Individual Membership Representative)

Richard Wells


Jeff Brockmeyer

Rolls-Royce Marine North America

Jacob Charpentier

Montco Offshore, Inc.

Michael Cenac


Joe Faris

Texas A&M Maritime Academy


Jack Jowers

Sea Tran Marine, LLC

Corporate Membership Representative