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Enroll as a Vessel Operator
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On this page, you will find information on how your company can become an Enrolled Vessel Operator. For more detailed information regarding the Vessel Operator Enrollment process, please see Section 13 of OSVDPA MPP-1-CV, the OSVDPA Manual of Policies and Procedures (Current Version).

Why Enroll?

In order to conduct assessments on board a vessel, a Vessel Operator must be Enrolled in the OSVDPA. As you are probably aware, the OSVDPA's system is based upon a strong dependency of repeated assessment of the DPO or Prospective DPOs to ensure they can complete the competencies taught during the OSVDPA DPO Certification Scheme. The Phase 4 (Watchkeeping), Phase 5 (Upgrade), and Revalidation Assessments may be completed by the Vessel Operator on an Accepted Unclassed Vessel (AUV) or a vessel with a DP class notation, if the Vessel Operator is Enrolled in the OSVDPA. With that being said, the OSVDPA will still accept Training and Certification Activities conducted on vessels which are not operated by Enrolled Vessel Operators, provided all other applicable requirements have been met.

Enrollment also allows a Vessel Operator to utilize a self-generated sea service confirmation instead of the standardized Form DPO-1-CV, the Training and Certification Activities Confirmation Letter (Current Version). Additional details on the sea service letter's requirements can be found in Section 13 of OSVDPA MPP-1-CV.

What Does the Enrollment Process Entail?

To enroll, a Vessel Operator must complete Form VO-1-CV, the Vessel Operator Application (Current Version) and submit payment of Fee VO-1, as detailed in OSVDPA FS-1-CV, the OSVDPA Fee Schedule (Current Version). A web-based version of Form VO-1-CV can be accessed via the above blue menu bar or by clicking here.

 The OSVDPA will not begin the process of reviewing the application until payment of the aforementioned fee has been received.

If at the time of enrollment, the Vessel Operator chooses to request an audit of one of its unclassed vessels as an Accepted Unclassed Vessel (AUV), the Vessel Operator enrollment fee stated above will be waived. In order for an unclassed vessel to be classified as an AUV with the OSVDPA as, Vessel Operator must also submit a completed Form AUV-1-CV, the AUV Audit Application (Current Version) along with payment of Fee AUV-1, as detailed in OSVDPA FS-1-CV.

Following the review of all information contained in Form VO-1-CV (and Form AUV-1-CV if applicable), the OSVDPA will notify the Vessel Operator of the status of its application. If approved, the Vessel Operator will be enrolled and provided with Form VO-2-CV, the Vessel Operator Enrollment Certification (Current Version). Upon receipt of Form VO-2-CV, the Vessel Operator is then able to conduct OSVDPA Assessments and (if applicable) utilize their own sea service letter.

If the OSVDPA finds that the Vessel Operator has met the majority of the requirements but has a few minor deficiencies in its application, the OSVDPA will issue Form VO-2-CV providing Provisional Enrollment, which provides all of the rights and responsibilities as full enrollment. Along with the Form VO-2-CV granting Provisional Enrollment, the OSVDPA will also provide a list of deficiencies that must be addressed by the Vessel Operator, instructions for addressing these deficiencies, and the date by which the deficiencies must be addressed. A Provisional Enrollment may be accompanied by the requirement that the Vessel Operator pay additional fees, as detailed in OSVDPA FS-1-CV, depending upon the amount of review and instruction that the OSVDPA is required to provide to the Vessel Operator.

In the event that the OSVDPA finds that a Vessel Operator has significant deficiencies, the OSVDPA will issue a decision of Not Enrolled. Such a decision will be accompanied by a specific list of the deficiencies and instructions for addressing these deficiencies.

A failure to follow the policies and procedures as noted in Section 13 of OSVDPA MPP-1-CV may result in the Vessel Operator losing their enrollment status.


If after review of this page and the referenced documents you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to the OSVDPA's Operations Manager at +1 (504) 528-9414.

OSVDPA Standards

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The OSVDPA Standards Library contains the standards and policies and procedures by which the OSVDPA operates.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
OSVDPA MPP-1-005 PDF (3.85 MB)  more ] Administration 10/10/2019
OSVDPA MEM-1-003 PDF (309.16 KB)  more ] Administration 11/2/2018
OSVDPA FS-1-004 PDF (321.73 KB)  more ] Administration 5/21/2018
OSVDPA CT-1-001 PDF (260.19 KB)  more ] Administration 8/8/2016
OSVDPA SIM-1-001 PDF (217.87 KB)  more ] Administration 8/8/2016
OSVDPA AS-1-001 PDF (3.23 MB)  more ] Administration 5/23/2016

Vessel Operator Forms

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The Vessel Operator Enrollment Forms Library contains forms required to enroll as a Vessel Operator and forms required to enroll Vessel with the OSVDPA. A brief description of each form can be found by click "more" next to the file name.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Form AUV-1-002 PDF (303.19 KB)  more ] Administration 10/24/2019
Form RE-1-CV PDF (221.12 KB)  more ] Administration 6/23/2017
Form VO-1-001 PDF (361.7 KB)  more ] Administration 4/20/2016