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Become an Auditor
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On this page you will find information detailing the entry requirements, training and approval process, and general responsibilities of an OSVDPA-Approved Auditor. More detailed descriptions of the Auditor application process and responsibilities can be found in Section 12 of OSVDPA MPP-1-CV, the OSVDPA Manual of Policies and Procedures (Current Version).

What is an OSVDPA-Approved Auditor?

An OSVDPA-Approved Auditor is an individual contracted by the OSVDPA to participate in the inspections, approvals, and audits of vessels, Vessel Operators, and Training Providers. The OSVDPA has two subcategories of its Auditors: "Auditor, Maritime Emphasis" and "Auditor, Training Requirements Emphasis". An "Auditor, Maritime Emphasis" will focus on the auditing and inspecting of Vessel Operators and its vessels ,whereas an "Auditor, Training Requirements Emphasis" will focus on the auditing and inspecting of prospective Training Providers and their facilities.

While we cannot guarantee that an Auditor will never audit or inspect an entity with which he has a previous or current business relationship, the OSVDPA does have measures in place to ensure that the Auditor remains impartial throughout the entire process and the integrity of the audit is not compromised. We also endeavor to have all audits conducted by an Auditor with the proper emphasis.

How Do I Become an OSVDPA-Approved Auditor?

Individuals interested in applying to become an OSVDPA-Approved Auditor must meet, and be able to document experience meeting, the requirements set forth in OSVDPA MPP-1-CV for their respective Auditor emphasis. This is achieved by submitting a completed copy of Form AA-1-CV, the Auditor Application (Current Version) along with the required attachments. Once received, approved, and notified by the OSVDPA, the applicant may then register for an OSVDPA Auditor Training Course (the dates of which can be found on the OSVDPA Events Calendar.

Seats in the OSVDPA Auditor Training Courses are reserved on a "first come, first served" basis. Upon registration for the course, the individual will be invoiced for Fee A-3, the Auditor Certification, as listed in OSVDPA FS-1-CV, the OSVDPA Fee Schedule (Current Version). Successful payment of this fee is the only way to reserve a seat in the OSVDPA Auditor Training Course.

After successful completion of the OSVDPA Auditor Training Course, you will be provided with an OSVDPA Auditor Approval Certificate which will contain your name, OSVDPA Auditor ID Number, and the date of issuance. Along with the OSVDPA Auditor Approval Certificate, you will also be asked to sign a copy of the OSVDPA Auditor Contract which specifies that the Auditor is an independent contractor of the OSVDPA, the current day rate paid to Auditors, and a confidentiality agreement. Once the OSVDPA Auditor Contract form is signed by both parties, you will be entered into the OSVDPA Database and officially considered an OSVDPA-Approved Auditor.

What are the Responsibilities of an OSVDPA-Approved Auditor?

The OSVDPA utilizes auditors to perform a variety of services. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Accreditation of Training Providers,
  • Re-accreditation of Training Providers,
  • Training Provider site visits,
  • OSVDPA Findings Reports,
  • Auditing of Accepted Unclassed Vessels (AUV),
  • Spot Audits of Training Providers,
  • Annual Reviews (Vessel Operators),
  • Annual Trial Reviews, and 
  • Other Related Purposes.


If after reading through this page, and the referenced documents, you still have questions regarding our Auditors or the process through which one becomes an OSVDPA-Approved Auditor, please feel free to contact the OSVDPA's Operations Manager at +1 (504) 528-9414.

OSVDPA Standards

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The OSVDPA Standards Library contains the standards and policies and procedures by which the OSVDPA operates.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
OSVDPA MPP-1-005 PDF (3.85 MB)  more ] Administration 10/10/2019
OSVDPA MEM-1-003 PDF (309.16 KB)  more ] Administration 11/2/2018
OSVDPA FS-1-004 PDF (321.73 KB)  more ] Administration 5/21/2018
OSVDPA CT-1-001 PDF (260.19 KB)  more ] Administration 8/8/2016
OSVDPA SIM-1-001 PDF (217.87 KB)  more ] Administration 8/8/2016
OSVDPA AS-1-001 PDF (3.23 MB)  more ] Administration 5/23/2016