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Frequently Asked Questions
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You've found this page either by chance or more likely because you need some help. On this page, you will find the most common questions we receive and answers to each of those questions. We hope that this page helps answer all of your OSVDPA-related questions, but in the event that you need to speak with someone for further clarification, please contact the OSVDPA's via the "Contact Us" link at the top of any page or by calling the OSVDPA at +1 (504) 528-9414.


I am a Prospective DPO who has no DP training or experience. Where can I find information on the application process and how much it costs?

I currently hold a DPO Certificate from another scheme but would like to become OSVDPA-certified as well. Will you honor my current certificate and experience?

I am currently pursuing my DPO Certificate through another scheme but would like to switch to the OSVDPA. Is this possible and what information do you need from me?

How long will it take me to progress through your scheme and earn my DPO Certificate?

Do you have a list available of all fees associated with the OSVDPA?

What should I do if my logbook and/or DPO Certificate was lost or stolen?

Can I track the progress of my application online or is there someone I can speak with at the OSVDPA regarding its status?


If you are a Prospective DPO who has never enrolled in another DPO certification scheme then you will have to start at the beginning. All of the qualifications and forms required to enter our scheme can be found on our "Become a DPO (I have no DP experience) page or by clicking anywhere in this answer.

Yes. The OSVDPA welcomes and honors your previous DP experience and certificates. A list requirements for "Grandfathering" (transferring your experience) into the OSVDPA can be found on our "Transfer my current DPO Certificate" page or by clicking anywhere in this answer.

Yes. We allow for Prospective DPOs who are currently enrolled in another DPO Certification Scheme to transfer into the OSVDPA Scheme. Additional details covering the requirements documentation and how we determine in what phase you will enter our scheme can be found on our Become a DPO (Enrolled in another Scheme) page or by clicking anywhere in this answer.

Prospective DPOs and DPOs entering our certification scheme must complete it within five (5) years of his or her start date. With that being said, the time it takes for a DPO to complete our scheme varies based on the individuals previous Training and Certification Activities as well as the amount of time they are able to spend on DP while aboard a vessel. An overview of our scheme and a breakdown of the phases can be found on the "About our Scheme" page or by clicking anywhere in this answer.

A list of all fees associated with the OSVDPA Certification Scheme can be found in our OSVDPA FS-1-CV, the OSVDPA Fee Schedule. 

If your logbook or DPO Certificate has been lost or stolen, you should immediately contact the OSVDPA's at +1 (504) 528-9414.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a way for you to track the progress of your application online. Please know that we make every effort possible to ensure that your application is reviewed and answered in a timely manner. In most cases, no news is good news, and if we have confirmed receipt of your documents and have not reached back out to you then we likely have not yet found a problem. If would like an update on your application, please feel free to contact us via the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page.