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The OSVDPA knows some of the best ideas about the DPO certification come from those who have been through the process, work with DP equipment on a daily basis, or employ those who do.  And we want to hear your thoughts.  So if you have ways we can improve, or if you want your voice heard, become a member of the OSVDPA.  Click here or here to see what other mariners have said about our membership program.

For detailed information, check out the Membership Policies here, to apply for Membership, click here.  

What Membership Provides:

  • Participating in Membership Representative Elections (see below); 
  • Serving as a Membership Representative to the OSVDPA Technical Advisory Council (TAC) (see below);
  • Participating in the Annual OSVDPA Forum, where the OSVDPA Board of Directors listens to and address the comments and concerns of OSVDPA Members; 
  • Access to direct and specific notices about new features in, and modifications to, the OSVDPA DPO Certification Scheme; and
  • Participating in Member surveys and other information-gathering activities.


Currently, the OSVDPA charges the following dues:

  • Individual Members $65 (USD) per year, and
  • Corporate Members $500 (USD) per year.


Once a year, OSVDPA Members elect two Members to the OSVDPA Technical Advisory Council (TAC); the body of DP experts that drafts OSVDPA policies and procedures (click here for more information about the TAC).  

The election process begins in early November each year when the OSVDPA asks for Members to make nominations.  Subsequently, in late November, the sends descriptions of all nominees to the members and the members vote electronically (30 days are provided for Members to submit votes).  Once all votes are counted, the winners is announced and starts their term on January 1.

Membership Eligibility: Membership is split into two classes, Individual Members and Corporate Members.

Corporate Members:  There are three types of Corporate Members. The criteria for each is described below.

  • Training Providers:  Is currently accredited by the OSVDPA, Nautical Institute, or DNVGL to conduct DPO certification courses.
  • Vessel Operators:  Operates DP-equipped vessels.
  • Other Entities Engaged in the DP Industry: Has provided DP-related services to vessel operators or training providers for the last five (5) years. 

Individual Members: There are three types of Individual Members. The criteria for each is described below. 

  • DPOs:  Have a current and valid DPO certificate issued by the OSVDPA, the Nautical Institute or a DNVGL-approved certification scheme.
  • DP Instructors:  Currently certificated by the OSVDPA, the Nautical Institute, or the DNVGL to conduct DPO training courses or assessments. 
  • Other Individuals Engaged in the DP Industry: Has provided DP-related services to vessel for at least two of the last five years. 

Waiver:  The OSVDPA will consider requests to waive these requirements if an individual or entity can demonstrate a meaningful commitment to the DP industry. 

Please Note: becoming an OSVDPA Member has no bearing or effect on Auditor, DPO, QOBA, Training Provider, and/or Vessel Operator approval or accreditation.

Official Membership Policies and Procedures:

The current version of all policies and procedures impacting Membership in the OSVDPA can be found in the OSVDPA File Library or by clicking the below link. 

OSVDPA MEM-1-CV, the OSVDPA Manual of Membership Policies and Procedures (Current Version)

Membership Application:

The current version of Membership Application can be found in the OSVDPA File Library or by clicking on the below links. 

Form MA-1-CV, the OSVDPA Membership Application (PDF)

All information on this webpage is for the purposes of providing general guidance and information only. Only the information contained in OSVDPA MEM-1-CV represents the official policies of the OSVDPA regarding membership.